Class Crosser-Panzer Hybrid
Occupation  ???
Gender Male
Age  ???
Ether Colour  ???
Ability  ???
Linked Stray
Player Pasonia

"Zaed, thanks to you I'm now enemy number one on law enforcement. But it's okay; I'll just work hard at turning you in your grave and undo the bad work you've done in the name of science, because that is just me being a responsible citizen of this world that everyone hates."


This mysterious man shows up occasionally in Pebbleton, and the few times he is seen the end result has almost always been bloody.

The few times that he turns up, he frequently mentions "Zaed" and "End Game".

Personality and AppearanceEdit

This man has demonstrated what seems to be episodes of schizophrenia, often killing people and going to rest and babbling in sentences that would normally make no sense to people. When he is not undergoing such an episode, he presents himself as a moody person who has no one but the air surrounding himself to talk to. He has control over his normal social functions, but he willingly lapses into schizophrenia due to the pain that killing people has on his psyche.

At the base is a person who wishes not to kill any more, but whose delusions might have brought his knife to too many persons' hearts quite literally.

He appears dishevelled, his hair often nothing but a mess if laid long, and uncombed if cut short. He often opts to wear clothing in different shades of either white or black, depending on the time of day. His favorite combination is a pair of white sneakers, combined with white long pants and an off-white vest with a light grey inner shirt.

Family and other relationshipsEdit

This man has thus far not demonstrated any familial or brotherly links to anybody, however, it beggars belief that even the most isolated of men could have gone through life without someone to think of as a friend.


Although most of this man's ability is currently unknown, the fact that he is able to attack highly-skilled Panzers placed on Executive Orders without being detected, demonstrates that he possibly is a Concealer, as well as an unusually adept martial arts practitioner / assassin.

The fact that he has strange cubes that act only on his order further points to the possibility that he at least some background in engineering, possibly beyond PhD level, which may then point towards his being a genius, or at least having insane dedication to his life's work. However, currently, these are just speculations.

Detection Evasion
Type: Physical/Electronics (Disruptions)
Element: -
Target(s): Single
User: ???
Activation: Active
First used: In Act 2

Being able to evade detection against highly-skilled Panzers itself is a skill, due to the sheer amount of effort invested in detection technology that would normally have made this skill improbable to use in the first place. It is reasonable to assume that this "move" depends not only on the man's mysteriously in-depth knowledge of electronics, but also his physical ability to execute the nimble reflexes required to evade line-of-sight.

Silent, Bloody Assassination
Type: Physical/Ethereal (Enomena)
Element: Base
Target(s): Single, or Multiple, depending on context.
User: ???
Activation: Active
First used: In Act 4

Dispatching of enemies with a precise strike to the arteries is this man's preferred modus-operanti. He makes it a point to kill in two seconds or less, to avoid being identified and to strike fear within the group of enemies that he pursues; since all militarized Panzers are his enemies, woe be to them.

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