Alex Diamond
Alex profile-rough
Class Crosser
Occupation Thief
Gender Female
Age 18
"Stop! Thief!" (haha)
Chaotic Neutral
Ether Colour Dark Purple
Ability Liquid Manipulation
Player MidnightMaginificent

Bling bling, here I come!

—Alex Diamond

Alex Diamond is a stranger to the town of Pebbleton who's just arrived. She possesses latent Crosser abilities.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

A true tomboy, she sports a cropped black crew cut streaked with dark purple. She also prefers to speak in a low voice to reinforce others' mistaken perception that she's just another one of the guys.


A thief, she's just arrived in Pebbleton, with her eyes on certain gold artifacts residing in the Herston Public Library and Museum.


She has the ability to manipulate water, a skill she uses often to short-circuit security set-ups on buildings that she's currently breaking into.

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