Class Panzer, NPC
Occupation Scientist
Rank n/a
Gender Female
Animal Scottish Terrier (Dog)
Age 26
Weapon Tranquilizer Gun
Player SavviG

Alkane is a panzer dedicated to the research and engineering of ether into new technology. She has her own high-tier research facility in the Panzer city. Despite the size of the facility, however, she runs it all by herself - she even gathers the materials needed for her research through the use of various devices placed all around Pebbleton to collect pockets of ether.

Although she works ceaselessly on making the technology that runs Panzer HQ more efficient, she is also secretly a member of the "Mysterious group".

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Focused and level-headed, she is only interested in ether and technology. Doesn't really care much about other Panzers; for the most part, she views them as nuisances, especially when they interfere with her (as a result, her hideout is riddled with traps everywhere to keep out unwanted guests). Usually absorbed in research and engineering, she doesn't consider combat as more than a way to obtain goals (or in her case, materials). Although she speaks pleasantly and calmly to others, her obsession with her "work" makes her awfully detached and passive. Not exactly easy to irritate, her patience is astounding.

Appearance-wise, Alkane has black hair and purple eyes. Her main distinguishing feature is that of the visor-type eyewear she usually has on.


Alkane supplies the rogue Panzer inventor Benzene with metal parts and materials for his various inventions in secret. Her sole assistant, Cyanate serves as a messenger between the two, and often smuggles information and materials to Benzene while running various errands in the human world.

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