Bel'Tagus by Pictor
Class Reaper
Gender Male
Lawful Neutral
Ether Colour Neon Green
Creator Pictor

Heed where you tread, Reaper-kin. It would be wise not to play with forces beyond our control.

—Bel'Tagus to Lisken'Pell

Bel'Tagus is a large and imposing Reaper who possesses a beast-like head that resembles a cross between a dragon and wolf. He seems to be very stern and rigid in terms of both attitude and his regard for a Reaper's duties... whatever those may be.


Currently, very little is know about Bel'Tagus' abilities, but it can be assumed like all Reapers he is a very powerful being.


As a Reaper, he is a colleague of Lisken'Pell, and professionally refers to him as "Reaper-kin". While Lisken'Pell seems to be rather carefree in their interactions, Bel'Tagus does not seem to return such a sentiment. In fact, it would seem that he does not take well to the other Reaper's activities, nor his interactions with Strays.

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