Fate AU Profile
Spirit Sanae Fujiwara
Alignment Neutral Good
N. Phantasm  ?
Strength  ?
Agility  ?
Mana  ?
Luck  ?
Endurance  ?
Master Jacket


Class SkillsEdit

Territory Creation — A
A skill to establish an environment that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. Resources required to perform magical feats become available.

Item Construction — B
The skill to manufacture magical items, and have their effects remain true.

Personal SkillsEdit

Vitrification — C
A serene state of mind and peacefulness that nullifies mental interference, and conceals one's presence to an extent. Caster strove to be a meek and humble human in life, listening and learning of others first.


Yamato Nadeshiko — A
The image of an ideal Japanese woman. A concept that Caster strove for in life. This skill manifests as a presence that instills awe and favor in those who lay eyes on her. It is a passive, curse-like spell resembling a Mystic Face or Mystic Eyes that cannot be controlled; its effects will operate even without Caster's wishes. The effects dissipate a short while after Caster is removed from the sight of the afflicted, but due to its strength, extended exposure can leave a permanent emotion of fancy inside the mind. Its effects can bypass magic resistance, but can be lessened by charm-preventing skills of an equal or lower level, and completely cancelled by such skills of higher level. More effective on men than on women.

Empathy for the Dead — A+
he subject can empathize with the lingering souls of the departed. Imposes upon undead beings an effect similar to Charisma A+.

Military Tactics — A+
A strange skill for Casters to have, but it seems to have been a defining trait of hers during life. Caster's Empathy for the Dead skill operates on a telepathic level. If many dead are present, she can simulate a mental network that allows her to see through their eyes and work out rudimentary battle plans. This skill suffered a drops in rank due to her Class, and can easily be outmatched by similar skills of a higher rank.

Noble PhantasmEdit

Mezame no Sasayaki: Hushing Breeze of Lucid DreamsEdit


A mystical fan that has the power to awaken and pacify the minds of tortured souls. When waved, it allows the wielder to summon an audience of the undead spirits, but its fundamental properties end here. Combined with Caster's high-ranking Empathy for the Dead skill, however, she is able to command the summoned spirits as familiars to do her bidding.

Her Territory and Item creation class abilities allow her to materialize physical bodies for the dead spirits using Ether clumps. However, the material bodies only last for a short time (3~4 hours) outside of her field of influence before wasting away.