Cyanate profile-rough
Class Panzer, NPC
Occupation Research Assistant /
Delivery Grunt
Rank n/a
Gender Male
Animal Raccoon
Age 30
Weapon Exploding Knives
Player Pictor

Cyanate is Alkane's assistant, he acts as a messenger between Benzene in the human world and Alkane in Panzer HQ. Although he is generally Alkane's abused delivery boy, Cyanate actually does know quite a bit about ether engineering and Blights. The only issue is that he never gets the chance to utilize any of his knowledge.

At the moment, he seems to be a prominent henchman of a "Mysterious group" of individuals, though the missions he's been tasked with involves utilizing his high prowess in combat.

Personality and AppearanceEdit


Hot-headed and direct, his temperament doesn't affect the dedication he has towards carrying out orders. Despite his harsh manner and rough, mocking way of speaking, he is actually quite a serious individual, and favors speed and efficiency above all, especially when carrying out a mission.

Cyanate possesses white-grey hair, and orange eyes, of which the pupils are naturally dilated. Most of the time, however, he usually keeps his hood up to hide his face (just because it looks cooler, maybe).


Despite the fact that he's been reduced to doing nothing but grunt work by his boss, he has something against Benzene rather than Alkane, and frequently butts heads with the other male Panzer. In particular, Cyanate loathes the surprisingly stupid but greatly effective security system that he has to get through every single time he has blueprints or supplies to deliver - after getting through said maze of security, he usually greets Benzene immediately with a punch to the face and a loud challenge, ranging from full-blown fist fights to rock-paper-scissors.

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