Pebbleton's one and only recreational public park. As the name implies, it is situated on the East side of town.

The park itself is of circular design, featuring grass fields, hilly picnic areas, and concrete walkways. It also has a path leading into a forest trail, and a sandlot used for various town events and festivals. At the center of the park is a round seating area with a beautiful water fountain, adorned by a functional clock statue. The clock itself sounds every hour, and emits an especially resonate chime at noon.

Save for the central seating area, the park is devoid of street lights. As such, it is usually deserted at night, rousing many dark urban legends about ghosts and spirits.

The fountain itself, however, is the subject of a very particular myth amongst town youths; any promise made under the clock statue during its chimes will be bound forever by time. As you can imagine, it's rather popular with young couples.

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