Class Stray
Gender Male
The Train (?)
Real Name
Gisbert Warren
Chaotic something
Ether Colour  ???
Linked Crosser
Heisel Warren
Creator martia

Diesel is a stray that was linked with Heisel Warren. He's identity as a human is known as Gisbert Warren.


As a human, Gisbert Warren was an engineer. He designed the steam train Galactic Cloud. Unfortunately, the train disappeared in a freak accident along with all of its passengers on its first commercial journey, and could not be found. Distressed by this and overcome with guilt, Gisbert went in search on his own to uncover what happened to it, but he disappeared and never returned home to his family.

Years later, he would appear as a stray. Without memories of his past, Gisbert met with a young Heisel with whom he bonded with. Over time, he began to collect hints of his memory, and was finally lead to the crash site and ruins of the Galactic Cloud. There, together with his linked crosser, they battled a train blight.

The events after that are unclear. In the recent time, Heisel is known to have said his goodbye to the The Train blight in Pebbleton after its destruction, seemingly referring to it as though it is his stray.

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