The Dreamworks's Rainbow Sports Complex, like the similarly named stadium, is a sports complex sponsored by the cereal company Dreamworks Rainbow.

The lower floors of the Complex houses public gym facilities; predictably, this gym is almost always full but hardly ever used by private school students. It also has a large multi-purpose hall, and there are regular classes sanctioned by the Complex, in various sports such as Taekwondo and Table-Tennis.

The Sports Complex apparently considers mindsports as actual sports, and thus at its higher floors it houses the region's representative Chess and Go associations. Many public school students come here for chess and go lessons sponsored by the school, and on several occasions elitist private school students will "visit" the association to boost their own ego; consequently, these associations and the private school do not share good terms with each other. These associations jointly hold twice-yearly competitions, and there is particularly fierce rivalry between the two schools' chess and go clubs which makes for fantastic spectator sport for the people on every side of the proverbial fence.

There is also a swimming pool in the complex, but a toddler drowning some accident ago sparked ghost spottings by several locals, although this has never been fully verified. Nevertheless, these and mismanagement consequently makes this the least-visited spot of the complex, and there are plans to fill in the pool and convert it into a hi-end jacuzzi.