The Dreamworks's Rainbow Stadium is a sponsored stadium partially owned by the renowned cereal company, Dreamworks Rainbow.


Colloquially referred to by the locals as Pebbleton Stadium, the stadium section belongs to the Pebbleton Sports Association which has teams for baseball, American football and association football; PSA is considered one of the largest associations in the country, although its teams never went beyond the third national division for every sport.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

There is a concerted effort by the PSA in recent years to woo the investment money of Eden and Mycroft, and after preliminary deals on the baseball side of matters, talks are expected to continue with Eden.

Notable playersEdit


Choo Yong-hwaEdit

One of the best shortstops to represent Pebbleton, he has contributed to many good plays during his six-year career in Pebbleton. After retiring at the age of 40 due to the failure of his Tommy John surgery, he is now one of three long-term anchors at Feel16 Radio.

Jason LeeEdit

Nicknamed "No Lee Way" for his no-nonsense approach to the mound, Jason Lee is a powerful pitcher who has good control over his fast ball. However, he died at the age of 34 due to complications arising from pneumonia. A plaque has been set up in his honor, and the bleaches in the Stadium is locally known as "Lee's Way". It is rumored to be haunted, so Chinese incense is offered at the bleaches before every baseball game.

Association FootballEdit

Jerald FitzgeraldEdit

"The Fits" was an unwanted youth reject from somewhere in the East of the country, but quickly made his name known in Pebbleton for his midfield creativity and vision. However, after contracting severe pneumonia years ago, his form has dipped so sharply that one month after recovery he quickly announced retirement. He has not been seen in Pebbleton since; however, in a recent interview, he admitted that he had been unhappy with his form and had become too horrified to continue play as a professional.

Sunagi HideoEdit

The Japanese veteran retired from the Japanese Ace League and flew to Pebbleton to extend his footballing career, for the love of the game. He is one of the earliest to arrive for training, and the latest to leave every day; locals say it may have contributed to him still being able to play competitively even at age 46, when he retired. He was one of Pebbleton's most prolific strikers, with an average of one goals per one-and-a-half games.

American FootballEdit

Wyndon ChesterEdit

"The Wind" is the best Wide Receiver in Pebbleton currently, and is strongly helping Pebbleton make a push for second tier promotion during the post-season. He is their tallest and yet, most nimble player on the team.