Heisel Warren
Heisel profile-rough
Class Crosser
Occupation  ???
Gender Male
Age 37
Ether Colour Dark orange
Ability  ???
Linked Stray
Creator Sentrovasi/martia

Heisel Warren is a crosser who previously, resides in the fifth carriage of the The Train blight.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Heisel is clean-shaven with dark-colour hair. He has striking hazel eyes. In his youth, he was full of idealism, but the events of the Train have caused him to lose most of that to ennui.

In his time trapped within the Train, he had no longer any other desire than to live the rest of his days protecting and sustaining it. He bears neither the Train's victims nor its subduers any real malice, knowing that its rampage could not and should not have lasted.

Indeed, with Randall he finds something almost an affinity with: a Crosser without the foreknowledge he himself now had. He is quite willing to pass his experience on to others, although it must be noted that he will not tell them of the dangers, believing that experience of the kind he has had has to be earned.


Heisel appears very knowledgeable about the world of ether, but little else is known about his abilities.


Heisel discovered his crosser abilities at a young age. At some point later, he befriended a stray which he later discovered was his great-grandfather, Gisbert Warren. He named the stray "Diesel" after they performed their bonding pact, but did not reveal to him his knowledge of his identity.

However, Diesel found hints to his past by himself. When Heisel became 21, the pair came across the one lead to Diesel's past, the crash site where the ruins of the steam train Galactic Cloud laid. There, they fought the original Train blight, and seemingly defeated it.

It is unknown what happens to the pair after that, only that recently, Randall Kayne and later Redmist met Heisel in the Train blight that was rampaging through the town of Pebbleton. He appears to be able to move about its interior at will, and does not appear to have any difficulty staying alive, although he was without a doubt, definitely still trapped in it.

When the Train blight was finally defeated at the hands of Graciel and Noco Berry, Heisel was released from it in the middle of the sea, from which Kayte Aios saved him saved him from a watery grave. It is unknown where he went or what he did after that.

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