The Herston Public Library and Museum is Pebbleton's one and only integrated library and museum.

Housed in a sizable building northwest of the town, the interior of the Herston Public Library and Museum is shaped like a giant dome with an observatory at the top. All floors above the ground floor run close to the walls, creating a large open space in the center in which hangs a large chandelier. Hardworking students can usually be found milling about on afternoons during school days.

Ground FloorEdit

The ground floor is largely an atrium around which many contemporary artworks are placed for exhibition. A reception and ticketing counter for the museum is situated across from the large, wooden double doors which are the building's main entrance. Situated to the left of the counter are express elevators to take visitors to the library up to the third and fourth floors. Halls branch off to the left and right, leading to exhibition rooms and a small cafeteria respectively. Light from the chandelier shines down here in the day, creating kaleidoscopic patterns on the circular floor of the atrium.


The museum, which spans the ground, first and second floors, is managed by its curator, Kate Herston, and is home to a variety of artworks acquired single-handedly by Kate herself.



The archives for storing museum-related object are located in the basement. Unlike the rest of the building, the archives are secretly panzer-owned and thus guarded with their technology. Only the museum staff are allowed in here.


The library on the third and fourth floors. The library is a wealth of information, and even has an entire section full of old newspapers and other records about the town.


The books storeroom is on the fifth floor, but is really more of an attic. Only the librarians are allowed in there.