Hyder by martia
Class Hybrid Crosser-Panzer
Gender  ???
Ether Colour
Pump-action Crossbow Rifle
Oriole (?)
Player martia

Hyder is a child first seen with the "Mysterious group".

Martia's Note: Hyder's gender is unknown for now, so both male and female pronouns may be used.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

What little is known about him is that he appears to be a stern and calm, almost stoic individual, un-befitting for someone his age. He speaks very formally, and may assume a monotone when angered, or speak more quickly when upset. Sometimes, she exhibits small hints of being a child, such as subtly mocking the people around her.


If required, Hyder would enter combat with her pump-action crossbow rifle. This weapon focuses much on power rather than usability, and therefore requires good aiming from the wielder. It can only shoot one arrow at a time, and has to be reloaded once after every use. Apart from the regular steel arrow, there is also a variety of arrows that he may use.


Ice Arrow
Type: Ethereal/Weapon
Element: Chill
Target(s): Single
Effects: May slow movements due to lowering body temperature
User: Hyder
Activation: Active
First used: Arc 3

Fires a liquid-nitrogen filled arrow.

Flame Arrow
Type: Ethereal/Weapon
Element: Fire
Target(s): Single
User: Hyder
Activation: Active
First used: n/a

Fires a gunpowder filled arrow.

Toxic Arrow
Type: Ethereal/Weapon
Element: Bio
Target(s): Single
User: Hyder
Activation: Active
First used: n/a

Fires a poison filled arrow. Affects target's ability to function at optimum.



Hyder and Oriole.

In the regular ritual shortly after a panzer's birth, they would be fused with an animal. However, in Hyder's case, she was not fused with an animal but with a stray, namely, Oriole. Since this process is unnatural, even for panzers, the fusion Hydiole does not have all of the heightened senses of the panzers nor any transformation skills, and is physically weak. Despite that, he is a strong fighter, gaining him the nickname of "Firebird".

For an unknown reason, Hyder released Oriole recently. However, it appears that they still have a link of sorts, as demonstrated by Hyder's ability to block Sophia from hearing Cyanate's thoughts.

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