For events that happened on other dates, please refer to: Timeline of Lamentable Nights.

June 10 is a Thursday, and June 11 is a Friday. The festival was supposed to have started on Friday, but apparently the Pebbletonians pushed it back by a day for various, unknown reasons. Apparently.


June 10Edit

  • 2:13am — Redmist arrives at Dreamworks Stadium and proceeds to perform his regular equipment checkups on all of his various cameras stationed around the building. He ends up doing a few stunts in his attempt to catch one of his beloved cameras and robots, but M witnesses the whole thing.
  • 2:15am — M is promptly threatened to zip up about everything he may or may not have seen in the last few minutes, but the Stray in question is nothing short of creeped out by the eccentric man. Although he half-assedly agrees to the Crosser's demands, he's going to tell Sophia at one point or another anyway.
  • ??? — M chills at Martin's place, watching his new anime, Sol of Gold. Sophia very kindly decides to block his view of his beloved TV screen right in the middle of the best part, much to his great dismay. In woe, he sends her off to Redmist's to view some real acrobatics, but the Crosser in question promptly rejects, even in the face of unadulterated MOE MOE BEAMUUUUU.
  • 10:30am — After weeping manly tears over the action scenes he'd missed earlier, M gets to play Mr. Exposition again to Sanae. Which at one point or another results in a standoff between M and a ugly old man spirit holding a cleaver.

June 11Edit

  • 4:30am — Elsewhere, Lanette gets to play Ms. Exposition to Jacket. Much of which he's already heard, but it all plays into the next step in his crash course of training.
  • 8:00am — Sanae is suffering from a terrible, monstrous bout of PMS. M is terrified, and promptly flees from the wild animal called WOMAN on sight.
  • 6:00pm — Later, Sanae upends a Go table upon Martin's head and not so long after, faints into M's arms.
  • 7:00pm — M takes her home, with much grimacing and headdesking at the rabid, albeit sedated creature before him.
  • 8:00pm — Reeling from Sanae's attack upon his frail body, Martin checks out the festival posters instead. He carefully examines a poster regarding two guests from Japan, featuring a legendary break dancer and comedian.
  • ??? — At some point, Graciel goes to check up on Cassius's condition in the hospital.