For events that happened on other dates, please refer to: Timeline of Lamentable Nights.

June 3 is a Thursday, and June 4 is a Friday. These are the days that were time-skipped over.


June 3Edit

  • Sophia spends the entire day with Cassius, helping him search for a place to stay. In essence the two of them wander all over Pebbleton, meeting people and going from a tent idea to just going to the Panzer Gate in the end.
  • Graciel has his first encounter with a certain cat Blight. He also gets into a little trouble with the local authorities after using his MPUD's storage capabilities while shopping, as well as taking perch on top of a fire station later. Whoooops.
  • M runs into Cassius and Sophia struggling with their tent package in the afternoon, much to his amusement. On the other hand, later that night he also gets chased like a madman around Pebbleton by a huge, behemoth Blight. Although the event saps out half of the little ether he has left, he does, however, manage to make an odd discovery from his mad scramble for survival - the possibility of Panzer controlled Blights.

June 4Edit

  • Randall heads out to tail the mysterious departure of Noa and Tethys in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, he loses sight of them, but does instead find a lost Sophia. Randall (unable to resist Sophia's sugary sweet moe charms) helps her find her way back to Martin, before heading back home, concluding his trip out had not completely been in vain.
  • Jacket takes a moment to mull over his discoveries during his midnight excursions at the library. His musings are interrupted, however, when the Stray finds himself in the middle of a crossfire between Tethys and a Blight. Maybe it's because Tethys easily recognized him as a Stray instead of a Blight, but Jacket finds himself rather... smitten afterwards.
  • Sophia gets lost in the middle of the night, but is luckily led back to Martin's home by a wandering Randall. In the morning, she walks around with M and meets up with Graciel and Cassius. She gradually realizes that M seems to be getting weaker, and Cassius suggests that they start looking for a Crosser to bond with him. Which they do, via flyers taped to Crosser windows.
  • Graciel meets up with Sophia and M, before the three of them head off to help Cassius get settled into his new residence. Afterwards, he spends most of the afternoon chasing a cat Blight (with little avail) around the park.
  • Mirto graduates from Pebbleton Public High School. This event is so anti-climactic that it does not even warrant its own post, or even a passing reference in the main RP. Like graduation in real life.
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