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Emblem of the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar (formally known as the Order of Knights Templar) were a secret band of skilled warriors that waged war against the group known as the Alchemists. They existed in ancient times, before the existence of ether and ethereal beings. They fought to free the lands from the tyranny of the Alchemists, who had used their magical capabilities and positions of power to oppress the common folk.

The Knights were ordinary humans who did not possess the ability to wield magic, so they stole artifacts and weapons from the Alchemists themselves in order to oppose them.

The Knights Templar were responsible for finally slaying the terrible beast called Baphomet. Eventually, the organization disbanded into two separate groups: one which would go on to sire prominent Crosser clans, and the other would become the fearsome force known as the Reapers

Trivia: The Knights Templar are based on the real life religious organization of the same name. They were a Christian military order that existed in the middle ages.


Refusing to suffer under the whims of Alchemists any longer, a group of courageous individuals banded together to form a force that would fight against the tyranny. They called themselves the Knights Templar, as they would serve as a "temple for the people", doing in numbers what any one individual could not. The Templars operated in secret, and struck back at the Alchemists from the shadows. They raided the archives of their enemy, and while they could not make use of their tomes, they claimed the magical artifacts that were already bestowed with arcane power. Arming themselves with the Alchemists' own weapons and tools, the Templars grew to become a formidable fighting force. Soon, the battle between the two sides came to a standstill; with neither side capable of claiming complete victory nor willing to back down. It wasn't until the cataclysm known as Baphomet appeared that this stalemate was finally broken.

After Baphomet was slain by the hero Raydric Haze, a member of the Knights, the Order became divided on how to utilize the remnants of the beast's power. One half of the organization wished to lock the powers away and guard them from being abused, while the other wanted to use them to continue their fight for freedom against the Alchemists. A schism occurred over this difference, and the Knights Templar disbanded into two groups.

The side that wanted to safeguard Baphomet's remains would claim the right to possess two thirds of that power, passing their duties down to their descendants. This group eventually became the ancestors to many of the major Crosser clans that exist in the story's modern times.

The side that desired to continue fighting against the Alchemists claimed the remaining third portion of Baphomet's strength, and eventually used that to turn themselves into eternal golems that would protect the world forever. They are the group that became the Reapers.