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Welcome to Lamentable Nights Wiki. This mini-wiki site will serve as small information database for the forum RP Lamentable Nights on NnK. This wiki is free for all to edit, allowing all players to contribute to the experience. As always, please use discretion when editing pages. When in doubt, ask those in the know! You'll know who they are!

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Character Classes

  • Crosser — A human sensitive to Ether, which allows them to manipulate all forms of Ether, and perhaps most importantly see and interact with Strays.
  • Stray — A lingering spirit of a deceased person (or colloquially, a ghost), tied to the living world by unfinished business and unable to move on.
  • Panzer — A half-beast hybrid created by fusing an animal soul into a human.


  • Ether — The life force of a living organism, and is an essence that governs all life on Earth. The incredible power of Ether, its uses, and its dangers is the central theme of Lamentable Nights.
  • Bonding Pact — A mutual contract between a Crosser and a Stray. As the Crosser agrees to being a source of Ether for the Stray, he or she gains an incredible supernatural power in return. It is a natural system of the world, and can be formed between any Crosser and Stray.
  • Blight — They are mindless beings formed from malicious Ether. Driven purely by madness, they mindlessly seek to devour more Ether. Harmless to normal humans who cannot interact with Ether, but a threat to other Ether sensitive beings, such as Crossers, Strays, and Panzers.
  • Enomena — Ether "spells" performed by Crossers in order to accomplish supernatural feats.
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Pasonia Martin Chang (crosser)
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