Lisken profile-rough
Class Reaper
Gender Male
Lawful Neutral
Ether Colour Neon Blue
Beldermung (Lance)
Creator Pictor

Hmmm, I had thought a change of pace was in order. Being unseen by mortals does not excuse the ignorance of proper dress etiquette in any given era, do you not agree, Stray-kin?


Lisken'Pell is a Reaper. He frequently introduces himself as a "custodian of the dead", and goes out of his way to interact with Strays, all of whom he refers to as "Stray-kin", although the honesty of his intentions remains a question.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Despite his occupation Lisken'Pell seems to be quite the lax and cheerful individual, constantly sporting a calm smile that seems so perpetual that it might be offputting to some.

As an ethereal being, Lisken'Pell is able to change his appearance at will, but usually appears as a young, effeminate human male with long, waist-length hair and slender eyes. By choice, he prefers to "dress" very modernly, and currently wears a fancy dress suit and pants, though at one point in the past he wore some sort of archaic armor set.


Beldermung - The Ray of LightEdit

Like all Reapers, Lisken'Pell is in command of a powerful weapon known as an Icon. His weapon takes the form of an ornate lance named Beldermung, The Ray of Light. Lisken'Pell wields the lance with incredible skill, and always strikes to kill.

Beldermung, being a spiritual part of Lisken'Pell, responds to his every command. He is able to hurl the lance with deadly accuracy and force, only to have it reappear in his hands almost immediately. When thrown, Beldermung flies so fast that it appears as an instantaneous beam fired from Lisken'Pell's hand, giving it its subtitle.

Summon ImpalersEdit

Lisken'Pell is able to summon a form of Lesser Reapers called Impalers. They appear as slim and agile Medieval-age knights, fully clad in armor. As their name implies, these Lesser Reapers attack by impaling the enemy on their jagged, spear-like arms.


Lisken'Pell educated the Stray called Jacket on the ways of the ethereal world after his inital birth. The two seem to maintain a friendly relastionship, with Lisken'Pell addressing Jacket as "Stray-kin" and having casual conversations. Jacket on the other hand, while grateful for Lisken'Pell help, finds the demeanor of the eternally smiling Reaper a bit perturbing.

Lisken'Pell also seems to exhibit a dislike for Panzers, a trait shared by the majority of his fellow Reapers, and considers them meddlesome.

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