Lum "Peach" Berry
Class Panzer, NPC
Gender Female
Animal Common Rabbit
Age 5
Creator martia & AYC

Lum Berry is the daughter of Palmarr Berry and Noco Berry. Palmarr nicknames her "Peach".

Trivia: Her name is derived from the Lum Berry in the Pokémon series. Lum is also the name of heroine of Urusei Yatsura who like Palmarr, is inspired by the Nue of Japanese folklore.
Her nickname is inspired by both Princess Peach and it's similar sound to Pichu. (In a conversation between Martia and Pictor, she was dubbed as "Pichu with Volt Tackle" - since according to Pokemon breeding rules, she would inherit the appearance of her mother and the skills and stats of her father.)

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