Melvin Jack
Class Panzer
Occupation B-Boy
Rank n/a
Gender Male
Animal Black Panther (Jaguar family)
Age 30-something
Weapon B-Boy skillz and ???
Player Pasonia

"Tail Man Melvin Jack, TOKYO Represent, English speakin' maniac doin' supercagafragalisticexplialidocious, yo!"

—Melvin Jack

Melvin Jack arrived in Pebbleton during the Festival period. He is considerably oddball, being dark-skinned, freaking tall (at 210cm), muscular and somewhat screwed in the head.


Melvin has a childish streak about him; he likes to run off on his own doing his own stuff, exemplified in his very first appearance in Lamentable Nights when he started playing in a beach on his own. His spontaneous, honest personality makes him an endearing character/leader to his Pantherz Crew, a crew officially based in Tokyo consisting of Third Culture members.

Beneath that cover, however, is an emotive Panzer, scarred by years of lies, and who is currently biding his time and plotting a comprehensive move to discredit, disrupt the Panzer bureaucracy at HQ.

Role / AbilitiesEdit

As a credible cover, he is a leading B-Boy dancer for the well-respected Pantherz Crew, which shares a rivalry with Asian and North American dance crews. However, his true role is that of a Panzer under Executive Orders - this means he receives his instructions directly from HQ, and as a result he is not subject to orders coming from such figures as Noco / Palmarr Berry, but can request aid from lowerlings such as Cassius and Graciel, should the need ever arise.

His backup crew consists half of Panzers who are under Executive Orders, and while each key member of the Pantherz crew is easily identified from visual cues, the members are actually a front for the rest of the crew while the backup dancers constantly rotate (this is fairly common). These backup crew members are local Executive Order Panzers, who would often disappear halfway through a session to make a key arrest, and Melvin often acts as the local EO's mission coordinator whenever he is in a town.

As a double agent working on his own agenda, however, Melvin does not fully subscribe to Panzer command, and is currently biding his time while Panzer society unrest unravels out of sight from the humans.

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