Palmarr Berry
Palmarr profile-rough
Class Panzer, NPC
Occupation Special Operations Officer
Rank Colonel
Gender Male
Animal Bengal Tiger
Age 31
Weapon Electroshock Knuckles
Creator martia & Johker

Palmarr Berry is a Colonel-ranked panzer who is a special operations soldier. He has a few soldiers who report to him, including Graciel. He is married to Noco Berry.

Trivia: His name is derived from the father (Palmer) and son (Barry) in Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. He is inspired by the Nue of Japanese folklore.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Palmarr is for the most part, a very lax person. He has a loud voice, likes telling lame jokes and generally not being serious at all. Despite such a personality, he is very trusted by the Panzer High command because of his loyalty to them. When working, it is known that his attitude takes a 180 degrees turn, and he becomes very focused to the point of being hotheaded and intimidating. It is then that he would appear to be like a wild tiger: predatory and fierce.

As a tiger panzer, Palmarr has black and orange hair. He is heavily-built, and physically strong. He is able to conceal his ears well, but no so much for his uncanny-looking bright, round, yellow eyes. As a result, he tends to wear shades when in human territory.


Palmarr's weapon of choice is a pair of electroshock knuckles. When activated, who ever who gets punched will receive an electric shock and be temporarily stunned.


Palmarr is able to transform into an anthropomorphic tiger. In this form, his strength and reflexes increase heavily.


His tiger eyes enable him to see in the dark well.



He is married to Noco Berry and has a 5-year-old daughter.


As Graciel's superior and an older cat, he is candid and lenient with the cat panzer. He likes teasing Graciel a lot. (It is no wonder why Graciel can be the way he is.) However, when work is required of them, he will become serious and commanding.

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