Pebbleton Community Center has been around for more than a decade, and in comparison to the more recent buildings that have sprung up, the C.C. (as it is commonly called) is looking aged, with rain-stained white walls clearly visible from a distance. It proudly bears the words "Town of Pebbleton Community Center" in a single, large, well-worn signboard at the top of the building, present since the start of the Community.

Despite its run-down look, it is a favorite hangout for the older generation; the C.C. houses several karaoke rooms on the second floor, exclusively for non-private Pebbleton residents, and many older Pebbletonians of Asian origin prefer to hang out here to sing their favorite old tunes all day long. The song catalogue and the karaoke hardware has not been updated for a while, though, so the younger generation who want to belt the latest hits will usually hit Voca-box Lily instead. There are other amenities for residents that are in various states of wear and tear, too, such as stone tables with chess markings, and a few pool tables with the surfaces shorn off from repeated use; generally acceptable, especially since it's free for use.

For obvious reasons, no MVD student will be caught dead here.

On the third floor is the multi-purpose rooms level, where several community lessons are held, ranging from guitar practice to Go teaching sessions, the latter of which is now exclusively held by the resident Go teacher, Martin Chang. These lessons are normally held "for a nominal fee just enough to pay the teacher", so understandably, not many ventures take off here, in comparison to the much more popular private tutoring favored by parents from both schools.

Although the town's administrative staff can be found at the C.C., it is strangely remarkable that the mayor's office isn't in here; instead, the mayor's office is uptown at Materion Towers, soon after the previous mayoral election. Despite this difference, though, the town's administration works just as well (and by that, "sluggish and languid" is implied) with or without the mayor's office being vacated. The vacated office is not in use as of now, though that is set to change soon.