The Shinetail River is the major sea-fed river cutting into the town of Pebbleton, dividing its uptown and downtown regions. Though the river is wide, it's mouth is bordered by sharp bluffs and rocky shores, making it too dangerous for large boats to pass. The areas further up-river are much more geographically serene, and the calming waters make it a popular place for recreation.

Camping GroundsEdit

A camping area by the river.

Every year, once during Spring and once during Fall, the two schools in Pebbleton will hold separate Shinetail River Carnivals; the Spring carnival is hosted by the public school, and usually features free entrance and local food options and snacks, while the Fall carnival is hosted by the private school, and will only entertain employees from companies within the Financial District, although it does invite Feel16 radio personalities as a way of promoting the existence of their carnival... and its excesses. The Fall carnival is often met with disdain from both local residents (especially those working for the cleaning companies) and the Public School, but the Mayor has allowed the private Carnival - however ironic that may sound - to remain on the Pebbletonian calendar.

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