The Telston Mall is a mid-to-high-end shopping mall which also serves as the main grocery point for the residents around the area of Pebbleton who could afford a bit of luxury.

It has several signature shops, notably one of which specialises in Tarot cards. At basement level five is an underground subway service that links the town to the country's business center.

Public school students tend to shun the mall because of the purpose of the mall, and would usually only visit the mall either for the groceries or the games arcade; the private school students tend to populate the eateries, although some of these students also enter the arcade, making the local arcade an indirect point of conflict for the students.


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Neo's ArcadiaEdit

Neo's Arcadia
FloorLevel 4
Opening Hours11am–10pm on Weekdays
10am–11pm on Weekends

A video games arcade prominently featured in Telston Mall. Stocking the latest arcade games on offer, this spot gets particularly busy on weekends and after school hours. The arcade is a contested spot between the two schools. For the most part, the arcade's owner is aware and hence monthly tournaments are organised in this arcade, primarily drawing on both the public and private school students in their rivalry for anything competitive in Pebbleton.

There are five games the arcade owner uses for the competitions. These are:

  • Formula Street - a car-racing game with hundreds of thousands of active players worldwide. Made in Japan, although the version used is English-localised.
  • Music Jam Trinity - a touchscreen music game with a small but ardent following.
  • Avenue Brawlers - an updated version of a cult classic video game.
  • Association de Futbol - a popular association football simulation game utilising card input.
  • Sengeki @ Sangoku - another game that utilises card input, featuring the colorful characters of the Chinese Three Kingdoms.

Interestingly, the public school dominates the arcade rankings now, according to the arcade owner, although it didn't use to be that way two years ago.

Trivia: Neo Arcadia is a dystopian city featured in Mega Man Zero. The games featured in the arcade all have an exact real-life equivalent, such as Avenue Brawlers being a twisted name for Street Fighters.

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