This is a record of all events that take place related to the plot of Lamentable Nights. It may not always be updated, so that's where you, the player, can help with.

All events are marked by distinct story arcs referred to as Acts. These help keep track of events, as well as simplify the game in manageable chunks.

Before StoryEdit

Main article: Timeline of events before the story starts.

Story StartsEdit

Act 1 - "You're Waiting for a Train..."Edit

  • May 21 (Fri)Threads awakens in Pebbleton, meeting Lucifer and the unknown girl.
  • May 25 (Tue) — Jacket arrives in Pebbleton.
  • May 27 (Thu)Randall Kayne is swallowed by The Train.
  • May 31 (Mon)Oriole barely escapes from The Train in the subway tunnel.
  • June 1 (Tue) — When most of the events of the Train Arc takes place in.

Act 2 - "Sleepless in Pebbleton"Edit

  • June 2 (Wed) — The quiet day... Well, maybe not.
  • June 3, June 4 (Thurs, Fri) — Even more quiet days.

Act 3 - "Cloudy with a chance of _______"Edit

  • June 5 (Sat) — When the "Mysterious group" start taking action.
  • ??? — A mysterious man arrives at a cafe, and secretly siphons out some ether from his nearby surroundings. He quickly takes his leave afterwards.

Act 4.1 - "You've Got a Friend in Me"Edit

  • June 6 (Sun)Lilia Auen scouts out Pebbleton.
  • June 8 (Tue) — Aftermath of the storm.
  • June 9 (Wed) — Off day.

Act 4.2 - "How to Train Your Stray"Edit

Act 5.1 - "???"Edit

  • June 12 (Sat) — THE FESTIVAL. Start.

Act 5.2 - "???"Edit

  • June 13 (Sun)

Act 5.3 - "???"Edit

  • June 14 (Mon)
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